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Most of the people across the globe are fond of music. No matter whether you can sing or not, but listening to soulful songs is definitely the best way to pass time. This needs no effort and the only thing required is good collection music.

Every individual has a different taste when it comes to music. Some are fond of soft music, some like rock music; some are into folks and country music etc. The list is endless. It is not possible to remember each and every song and have a collection of all these. Thanks to radio stations because of which you can listen to songs which you almost forgot but you are very fond of.

Our radio station is one of the best music stations in the vicinity. We have a great collection of both old evergreen music and the latest popular ones. Also, we have a wide range of music for our listeners starting from soft music to hard rock. You can download our music app through which anytime you can choose whichever song you want. This app is supported by all type of smartphones. We have a very active team which works on updating the app with the latest songs worldwide. You can also find music of multiple languages. We also have great features like creating your own playlist. You can select your favorite tracks and arrange them all together in a single playlist and can play in the same order. 

You can pay for only the number of months you wish to avail our services. Payment transfer is strictly done online. We are a reliable source so there is nothing to worry about the transaction that you make with us.


We offer a one month free trial for the new users and after that you will have to subscribe by paying to continue with us. .

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